Student Team of Undergraduate Program of Islamic Economics FIS UII Won 2nd Place in Call For Papers CAPTION 2021

The student team of the Undergraduate Program of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) won 2nd place in the 2021 “Capital Market Competition” (CAPTION) competition held by Pekalongan University on January 4 – April 25, 2021.

The competition with the theme “Millennial Generation Saving Stocks (MIGEMES) in the Transition Era” was participated by 27 student teams from various universities in Indonesia.

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In this competition, participants must go through several stages of strict selection. The first stage of selection included the collection of abstracts which were participated by 27 student teams. Furthermore, the second stage of selection is the selection of the 18 best student teams to step in the full paper selection. Then, the third stage of selection consisted of determining the 5 best student teams to compete in the final to present the results of the paper and question and answer with the jury which was conducted virtually via google meet. Another teams that have made it to the final stage are the University of Kuningan, IAIN Pekalongan, Pekalongan University, and the Jakarta Veterans National Development University.

The head of the UII student team, Siti Komariah said that her participation with other UII team members, namely Ulfi Sheila Pinasti in the competition was based on a strong desire to represent the Universitas Islam Indonesia in contributing to writing a paper entitled The Relationship of Financial Literacy to Student Capital Readiness to Invest in Stocks in the Era Pandemic: A Case Study of Millennial Students at the Islamic University of Indonesia.

“Based on the literacy we have read, the decline in the JCI due to the Covid-19 pandemic by 5.09% is inversely proportional to the increase in the number of stock investors by 4 million, which is dominated by millennial investors under 30 years old,” said Siti Komariah. Ulfi Sheila Pinasti also said that 27.21% of the millennial investors were dominated by students. However, the increase in the number of investors was not followed by an increase in the number of assets, resulting in a lack of student capital readiness to invest in stocks.

“These factors attracted us to conduct research on the relationship of financial literacy to student capital readiness to invest in stocks in the pandemic era,” said Ulfi Sheila Pinasti.

“Financial literacy is one of the variables that affect the readiness of student capital to invest in stocks,” said Siti Komariah. She also said that the variable in her research, namely financial literacy, had a positive effect on the readiness of student capital to invest in stocks in the pandemic era by 24%. Siti Komariah said she was proud of the achievements her team had achieved. These achievements are inseparable from prayers, team hard work, support and guidance from Mrs. Aqida Shohiha, SEI., ME.,