Program Spesification:

Study Program Name Islamic Economics
Faculty Islamic Studies
College Indonesian Islamic University
E-mail [email protected]
Year of Establishment 2003
Education Level Bachelor
Title Bachelor of Economics
Accreditation Accreditation A from BAN-PT
Knowledge field Islamic economics
Length of Education 4 academic years-full time
Number of Credits 145
Graduate Profile Bachelor of Islamic Economics who has Amanah, Professional, Istiqomah and Communicative characters who are ready to become managers in the financial banking industry and public finance, young researchers in Islamic economics or creative industrial Muslim entrepreneurs
Expected Learning Outcomes (ELO) 12 ELO consisting of 2 Attitude ELO, 2 Knowledge ELO, 3 General Skills and 5 Special Skills. (See Appendix 1.1).
New student qualifications High School (SMA/SMK/MA) equivalent graduates who pass the selection of new student admissions
Curriculum 2017 curriculum
Field of Work Graduates Islamic Finance and Banking, Public Finance, Islamic Business