What will you get?

Green Campus

Islamic Economics Study Program takes place at K.H.A. Wahid Hasyim building at the UII Integrated Campus Jln. Kaliurang KM. 14.5 Sleman Yogyakarta. UII has a concern for the environment, as proven by UII’s achievement in the UI Green Metric, where UII is ranked 109th out of 789 universities worldwide.

The UII campus is designed to unite people, places, and programs that support the growth of positive interactions both inside and outside of class. UII has dozens of supporting facilities that ensure all academics, stakeholders, and the entire community can benefit from UII with our vision: rahmatan lil ‘alamin.

Details information, read Campus Facilities


UII central library  located  at Mohammad Hatta Building with an area of 4912 m2. The library has more about 446,168 collections of 209,709 titles. The library collection for references in the field of Islamic economics consists of 51,780 social science books, and 37,641 Islamic fields.

UII Library official website: https://library.uii.ac.id/

Information Technology Service

Information technology and system (IT/IS) service in Universitas Islam Indonesia campus area is managed by the Information System Office (BSI). The service is designed to accommodate approximately 30,000 users, ranging from students, lecturers, academic staff members, and many other users within UII campus area.

BSI UII’s support for infrastructure is implemented through the idea of UIIConnect which, up to this day, has more than 500 access points installed across the UII buildings with a total provided bandwidth of 1.9 Gbps and per-user access of up to 125 Mbps. UII has also joined eduroam network that allows its lecturers, staff members, and students to benefit from wi-fi roaming in more than 12,000 research institutions and universities worldwide. Lecturers, staff members, and students from those institutions can also access UII’s eduroam network.

Further information about IT Service, free licensed sofware, tutorials: bsi.uii.ac.id 

Representative Classrooms

Classrooms are equipped with student chairs, desks and academic staffs’
chairs, white boards, LCD projectors with screens, sound systems, and air conditioning. Each class has a capacity of 50-80 students which can accommodate UPIEc-UII’s students

Mini Bank Laboratory

mini bank laboratory uses the latest version of the Integrated Micro Banking System and USSI Online software which are commonly used by Islamic financial institutions in Indonesia. Students can learn banking operations provided with adequate modules and SOPs, and accompanied by laboratory assistants.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday at 08.00-16.00 WIB