Delegation of Islamic Economics Students Won The Best Group Youthpreneur Expedition Indonesia Millenial of Change in Sabang-Banda Aceh 2021

Youthpreneur Expedition Indonesia Milenial of Change was held on June 28 – July 3, 2021, in Sabang-Banda Aceh, attended by the best 24 delegates from all over Indonesia. In this activity, Ilham Febryan, a student of the 2019 Islamic Economics study program, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII), was again elected as the best delegate from all over Indonesia and made achievements as The Best Group Youthpreneur Expedition Indonesia Milenial of Change di Sabang-Banda Aceh 2021.

Youthpreneur Expedition is a program that accommodates Indonesian young people to increase their capacity and abilities in leadership, public speaking, critical thinking and problem solving which are designed in community service program. This program applies a material and practical business learning system, group discussions, business online workshops and economic tours to some of the most prestigious industrial sector companies in Sabang-Banda Aceh.

In this program, the 24 delegates in this activity were divided into 5 groups consisting of 4-5 members from different universities. Each group had to make product innovations to help SMEs by utilizing regional resources, Community service based on creative economy , and the creation of a Business pilot project in Sabang-Banda Aceh.

“As the actualization of economic and business knowledge, the participants will collaborate with each other to realize business initiations in their own real business units. It is hoped that the participants can build their businesses independently after participating in the Youthpreneur Expedition program,” he said Monday (9/8) via WhatsApp.

The product innovation program brought by Ilham Febryan and his group to help SMEs in Sabang-Banda Aceh, includes a program for processing chips from coffee leaves, a program for processing fish dishes, a program for processing shredded fish and coconut products, a program for processing mackerel fish products, a program for processing steamed roasted bread, dates processing program from salak fruit, coffee processing program from salak fruit, and cracker processing program from tofu. In addition to the product innovation program, Ilham Febryan and his group conducted a research with fisheries aspects and photography development in Sabang-Banda Aceh.

Ilham also said that he and his group had carefully prepared ideas for product innovation programs by looking at existing regional resource business opportunities to bring SMEs in Sabang-Banda Aceh globally.

“Focus is the most important key to success. I hope that with this achievement I can share enthusiasm and motivation for the rest of UII students to make achievements, both academic and non-academic,” he explained Monday (9/8) via WhatsApp.