Students’ Participation in International Youth Leader (IYL) Chapter 31 Millennial Santri, Istanbul, Turkey

Awareness of the condition of Indonesia that requires adaptive and innovative leaders is the biggest motivation for Ilham Febryan Student of Islamic Economics study program batch 2019 Faculty of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) in participating in International Youth Leader (IYL) Chapter 31 Millennial Santri, Istanbul, Turkey . The activity was carried out for 6 days, starting on 23 – 29 September 2021.

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International Youth Leader (IYL) is a leadership training and education platform for Indonesian youth formed by International Youth Leaders engaged in Student Exchange, Leadership Camp, Halal Tour and Travel. The program aims to train and explore the potential of youth as leaders of the people who excel in achievement, are professional in their work, have good morals in behavior, and are ready to compete in the international arena.

The selection of International Youth Leader Chapter 31 Millennial Santri 2021 is held online throughout Indonesia through three stages, namely selection for filing, writing essays, and interviews. From the results of the selection, 31 of the best young people from all universities in Indonesia were selected who were then dispatched to Istanbul, Turkey.

In its implementation, Ilham Febryan and other delegation participants carried out several activities. The first is to do a halal tour to learn about the history of Islam, and the culture in Turkey. Second, conducting aprogram market research that aims to open links in doing business abroad with the hope that young people will be able to expand their business and create jobs for the surrounding community, not only expecting jobs from companies that have an impact on unemployment rates and fear of pursuing higher education. Third, conducting a Forum Discussion Group using English which aims to train the communication skillsskills and public speaking of the delegates in conveying ideas. Fourth, conduct peer-to-peer competitions that aim to form team work and train how a leader can influence his team in achieving goals.

Ilham febryan admitted that he was very grateful and proud of his success in qualifying as one of 31 student delegations from all universities in Indonesia in the International Youth Leader Chapter for Millennial Santri “Santri Unggul Indonesia Makmur” in Istanbul, Turkey 2021.

“Alhamdulillah, hopefully thanks to this program I can learn to develop myself, form relationships and exchange ideas to create a creative and innovative spirit in spreading da’wah, because in the current era of the industrial revolution, we must take part in the development of the times for the advancement of civilization, especially Indonesia. Thank you to all those who have supported, helped and prayed for me all this time,” said Ilham (Thursday, 7/10) via WhatsApp.