3 UPIEc Students Won 3 Awards Arabic World Festival (AWFest) Competition

The Student Delegation of the Islamic Economics Study Program, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) again obtained a proud achievement at the national level. Three students of the Islamic Economics Study Program won 3 awards in 3 branches of the Arabic World Festival (AWFest) competition which was held online by Ahmad Dahlan University from 5 to 10 October 2021. The

Arabic World Festival (AWFest) is a national standard competition event, with the focus of the competition is to use Arabic to train the quality of Human Resources, especially in the Arabic language.

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This year, UAD’s Arabic World Festival (AWFest) raised the big theme “Inspirational Millennials and the Existence of Arabic in an Intellectual Civilization”. There are 2 levels in the competition, namely the student level and the student level. For the student level, the competitions that can be participated in include Ghina Araby, Arabic Speech, and Arabic News Reading. Then, the student-level competition consists of Arabic Poetry and Arabic Speech only.

There are several achievements achieved by the delegation of Islamic Economics Study Program Students under the auspices of El-Markazi, including 1st Place in Arabic News Reading Competition by Naila Nurul Hikmah (2018 Islamic Economics), 2nd Place in Ghina Araby Competition by Rima Isfah Lana (Islamic Economics 2017). ), and 1st Winner of the Arabic News Reading Competition by Luthfi Hawari (Islamic Economics 2020).

“I am very grateful to be given the opportunity again by Allah SWT to proceed to become someone who is more optimistic and competitive by participating in the competition, because there are so many lessons that can be taken outside of teaching and learning activities on campus,” said Naila Nurul Hikmah as the winner of the News Reading Competition. Arabic (Tuesday, 19/10).

Furthermore, Siti Komariah as the Coordinator of the Arabic Language of El-Markazi, admitted that she was very grateful for the achievements obtained by the student delegation of the Islamic Economics Study Program. For him, winning or losing in competitions is a process of forming great people.

“I am very grateful, what my friends have tried to get the best results. Of course, this cannot be separated from the enthusiasm of friends to practice in preparing for the competition, “said Siti Komariah.

Luthfi Hawari also said that he was very grateful for his achievements. “Alhamdulillah, I was given the opportunity to take part in this competition. Strong will and determination are the main keys that must always be applied to life which is then accompanied by prayer to Allah SWT, “he said (Tuesday, 19/10).

“Hopefully what we have achieved so far can inspire fellow Indonesian Islamic University students to work, do useful things as well as hone their skills, not only in the Arabic language, but in any field,” said Rima Isfah Lana. (Tuesday, 19/10).