UII Team Succeeded as the Favorite Champion of PKM-KI at the 34th PIMNAS

Student team of Islamic Economics Study Program Faculty of Islamic Studies (FIAI) Universitas Islam Indonesia ( UII) succeeded in making an achievement as the favorite champion of PKM-KI at the 34th PIMNAS event which was held online by the University of North Sumatra on October 26 to 30, 2021. Vira Prajna Cantika (Islamic Economics 2018), Ulfi Sheila Pinasti (Islamic Economics 2018) and other members from different study programs, namely Yusuf Fashal Mahendra (Mechanical Engineering 2018), Akbar Ifthikor (Industrial Engineering 2019), and Batasinndro (Electrical Engineering 2019).

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The National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) is a very prestigious competition event and is held once a year to train students’ abilities to compete through a work. 

In 2021, based on the decision of the Head of the National Achievement Center of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Number 0970/J3/KM.05.03/2021/ regarding the host of the higher education level competition, the University of North Sumatra will be the host of the event. The 34th National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) with the big theme “Towards a Golden Indonesia Through Collaboration for Innovation in the Frame of Local Wisdom”.

In this competition, as many as 3,126 students from 108 universities throughout Indonesia with a total of 735 teams participating in PIMNAS had to go through several long and rigorous selection processes.

“The National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) is indeed a competition that has a very long duration and process. Starting from submitting proposals to internal, reviewing, if feasible, then submitting to national or to simbelmawa web, then waiting for announcements whether the funding passes or not, if passed then it will run a process of funding activities for 3-4 months, monitoring and evaluation, then submit the final report along with other requested outputs from each scheme, if all are declared good, then enter and compete in PIMNAS by presenting the work that has been made,” said Vira Prajna Cantika as team leader (Saturday, 13/11).

The types of works and titles taken by Vira Prajna Cantika and her team are innovative works (PKM-KI) with the title Extruder Tool for Processing PLA Filament Waste into Recycled Filament Products.

“Some 3D Print MSMEs have problems, namely producing filament waste from the rest of the support material for the 3D Print machine and production errors. This causes a lot of piles of garbage that hinder the productivity of 3D Print actors and cause environmental pollution,” said Ulfi Sheila Pinasti (Sunday, 14/11).

Vira Prajna Cantika also said that the average production of Creativo and Centralab, which are MSMEs in the 3D printing processing industry, produces around 3-7 kg of filament waste every month. These factors became the background for Vira Prajna Cantika and his team to conduct research and create a tool to reduce filament waste. 

The innovative work that was brought by Vira Prajna Cantika with her team at the 34th PIMNAS event was awarded as the favorite champion.

For this achievement, Vira Prajna Cantika and her team admitted that they were very grateful and proud. “This achievement certainly did not escape the prayers, teamwork, support and guidance from Mr. Beni Suranto, ST, M.SoftEng,” said Vira (Saturday, 13/11).