2 UPIEc students won 3rd place in the Sharia Economics Conference Held by FEB UI

The Undergraduate Program of Islamic Economics (UPIEc), Faculty of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) is again proud. Two Islamic Economics students won 3rd place in the Sharia Economics Conference which was held virtually on 15 to 24 September 2021 by the Islamic Studies Forum, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FSI FEB UI). This proud achievement was achieved by Mia Yuli Astuti (Mia) and Ulfi Sheila Pinasti (Sheila) Islamic Economics student batch 2018.

This year’s Islamic Economics Conference took the big theme “Amplifying The Role of Islamic Economy to Establish The Future Economic Development” which aims to bring together students from all over Indonesia to think critically by conveying ideas and ideas within the scope of Islamic Economics.

Universities participating in this conference are the Indonesian Islamic University, University of Indonesia, Brawijaya University, Airlangga University, Tazkia Islamic Institute, Diponegoro University, Bogor Agricultural University, Semarang State University, IAIN Salatiga, and Padjadjaran University.

Sheila said that in the implementation of the conference there were 3 stages. The first stage begins with the selection of the best 40 abstracts in the Call for Paper. Then the second stage, the elimination of the 10 best papers in the Sharia Academic category and the 10 best papers in the Innovation Paper category. Third stage, final. At this stage, participants are asked to present the results of their paper to the jury and other teams that enter the final round.

The paper presented by Sheila and her team with the title “The Influence of Influencer Marketing, Brand Image, Halal Awareness on Cosmetic Purchase Interest in Generation Z” was awarded as the 3rd place winner in the Sharia Academic Paper category.

“The assessment of the Sharia Economic Conference is not only when participants present papers, but the activity in the question and answer session during the presentation is also a consideration in the assessment,” Mia said during an interview via WhatsApp (Monday, 12/10).

This success was achieved by teamwork, support and prayers from the parties involved. According to Sheila, her and the team’s achievements are a reminder that everyone has the same opportunities and opportunities. The only difference is how we maximize the process.